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Old Age Care Services

Delhi Home Healthcare Services offers old age care services that are designed to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for elderly individuals in the comfort of their own homes. These services aim to enhance the quality of life for seniors and ensure their safety, well-being, and independence. Here are some of the common services provided:

1. Personal Care: Delhi Home Healthcare Nursing Attendant/Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and mobility support.

2. Medication Management: Our Medical Attendant Help with medication reminders, organizing pills, and ensuring the correct dosage and timing.

3. Medical Monitoring: Regular monitoring of vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels, to detect any changes or potential health issues.

4. Companionship: Engaging in conversation, playing games, reading, and providing emotional support to combat loneliness and isolation.

5. Meal Preparation: Planning and cooking nutritious meals based on dietary requirements and restrictions.

6. Light Housekeeping: Assisting with light household chores like laundry, cleaning, and tidying up the living space. (For Patient’s Room Only)

7. Transportation: Delhi Home Healthcare Staff Accompanying seniors to medical appointments, social events, or running errands.

8. Respite Care: Providing temporary relief to primary caregivers, allowing them to take breaks and rest while ensuring their loved ones are cared for.

9. Medical Equipment Assistance: Helping seniors with the proper use of medical equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, or oxygen machines.

10. Physical and Occupational Therapy: Collaborating with healthcare professionals to administer therapy exercises and assist with rehabilitation if required. The specific services offered by Delhi Home Healthcare Services may vary, so it's advisable to directly contact them or visit their website to get detailed information about their offerings, pricing, and any additional services they may provide.

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